About Kammusoofi Memorial Islamic Complex

Kammusoofi Memorial Islamic Complex one of the leading charitable Islamic institutions

aboutus_imgKMIC one of the leading charitable Islamic institutions of Kerala is aptly situated beside the spiritual sanctuary of Kammusoofi Darga Sherif at Theyyottuchira near Mannarkkad.   Lakhs of people from different sections of society and of different caste and creed visit and find solace and salvation in the divine aura of the resting saint every year.  And it is he himself looks after the institution run by Hayathul Islam Sangam so these organizations get a divine clout in their virtuous endeavors and they are hugely successful with grand success stories.It was Kalloor Usthad, one of the intellectual giants of the Islamic Kerala, who laid the foundation of KMIC on 1998.   He intended to arrest the onslaught of the physical side human life on the spiritual side of human kind.  The institution produces quality religious scholars with worldly knowledge, and exposedness to burning contemporary issue is an essential characteristic of the study at Kmic

Kmic College provides and 8-year Mukthasar course, the students on the completion of their course will obtain twin degrees, Ba English Literature degree from Calicut University and Mukthasar Degree.  Students will also get certification of Computer Hardware and Software diploma.  By studying at KMIC students get best of the both worlds, i.e. traditional Dars system and college education.  Students are thoroughly exposed to classic texts of Arabic literature and religious books as well as contemporary and up to date new form of education in the field.  At KMIC we are committed to providing best in class infrastructure and atmosphere that is highly conducive to didactic activities.  The students of KMIC will essentially turn into multilinguists as we give equal importance to Arabic, English, Urdu and Hindi throughout our curriculum

Students who have successfully completed their seventh grade in both Madrassa and school will be allowed to appear in the entrance and screening examination conducted towards the end of May each year.    After the screening examination the selected students will be undergo an interview and aptitude testing after this process we publish final list of selected students for the given academic year.

Hayathul Isalam Sangam then endeavored to start a Thahfeelul Quran college under the auspices of KMIC on 2011.  This college finds and nurtures children who can learn the holly Quran by heart.  Fourth grade students will be admitted to Thahfeelul Quran College and will be trained under abled religious scholars. We have over 30 accomplished scholars to train and direct the 350 students.  We provide excellent hostel facility to all of its students free of cost.  The institution maintain one Islamic and one general library.  We have excellent science and computer labs.  We follow strict hygiene regimens to keep health problems at bay.